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Pastor Reginald L. Blanchard (J4J)


J4J Nominated Best Holy Hip Hop Artist  2006 by "The Gospel Choice Awards." 

Nominated Best Holy Hip Hop Artist  2007 by "The Youth Gospel Entertainment Awards." 

"This is 4 The Streets" voted Best Song of The Year 2007 by "The Gospel Choice Awards." 

2009 Inferno Urban Music Award Winner for Song Writer of The Year.

2009 Honorable mention ISSA Christian Song writing Contest - Billboard Magazine

2011 Inferno Urban Music Award Winner for Man of Valor Award


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Pastor Reginald Blanchard A.K.A. J4J (“Just 4 Jesus”) is a motivational Pastor, rapper/singer, songwriter & music producer, who started performing at the age of 12.  He attended Visual and Performing Arts High School in St. Louis, Missouri and won several state and local rap competitions.

At the age of 14 he began singing and playing the keyboard. In 2004, he began his ministry by ministering to the youth at The Dekalb County Youth Detention Center in Decatur, Georgia and was a Youth Pastor at Adullam Bible fellowship (non-denominational) located in Lithonia, Georgia.  Currently, he ministers and empowers strength to the youth as well as teaching youth bible study, at various churches and functions, and he ministers at Atlanta Day Shelter for Women.  In the past Blanchard (formerly known as Mad Mobster) has performed, as a rapper, for the National Beauticians Association’s hair shows, many Universities in various cities, in nightclubs in over 100 cities, and was the headliner for the St. Louis Rams Charity Benefit in 2000.  In 2002, he performed at The Atlanta Black Music Convention for music attorney Roy Miller, was a guest host (via phone) of Off The Top Radio Show (WGBB AM 1240 – New York), was nominated best Holy Hip Hop Artist 2006 by The Atlanta Gospel Choice Awards, and has 13 years experience as a radio D.J. and sound engineer.  He has released 3 albums and has sold over 20,000 albums worldwide including “Follow Me To The Club,” which reached number 17 on the DMX Music Charts.  He performed, as a holy hip hop artist rapper, in many cities such as, Atlanta, Brooklyn, Charlotte, NC and has performed at over 50 venues in 2007.

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He has been a speaker at Morehouse College in 2009 and has ministered in song on Body Builders T.V.

Reginald Blanchard provided music for the television show “Community Showcase T.V.”, which airs in Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.  He has produced music for many independent artists, throughout the U.S. and Canada and is currently producing music for Holy Hip Hop artist Sparky D, who was the second female rapper who’s career started with Run DMC, Kurtis Blow, Russell Simmons, Roxanne Shonte’ & such industry figures from New York, child Hollywood actor John Biggs (who sing as well as act), and a host of independent gospel recording artists. 

 With his own professional recording studio and a catalogue of more than 3,000 rap, jazz and R&B & gospel tunes, Blanchard is a member of ASCAP as a songwriter and a music publisher. 

He released his 4th album in 2011.  Please enjoy the music clips from his new CD.




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  1.  Who Knew
  2.  Kingdom License
  3.  Seventy-Five
  4.  Plan J
  5.  Get Saved
  6.  2 Girls and 2 Boys


1.  Da Man
2.  Tell the truth about it
3.  Turning it up
4.  Mid South Connection
5.  Self Made Millionaire
6.  Bounce

Complete Double CD Song List


 1.  Intro  (1:06)

 2.  Da man  (Featuring Kodak)  (5:54)

 3.  Turning it up  (3:43)

 4.  Mid South Connection  (4:06)

 5.  Hold On  (2:57)

 6.  1969  (3:40)

 7.  Come Over Here (Featuring Robin Freet)  (4:05)

 8.  Bounce  (3:55)

 9.  My Baby (Featuring Ginasings)  (3:38)

10. Self Made Millionaire  (3:43)

11. Raise’em Up  (3:33)

12. Follow Me To The Club  (3:18)

13. Victimized (Featuring Nicky & Cheese)  (4:19)

14. Stand Tonight  (3:45)

15. Always Tell The Truth About It  (4:39)


 1. Get Saved  (Featuring Letha Walker Mack)  (5:00)

 2.  Who Knew  (3:51)

 3.  Seventy-Five  (2:59)

 4.  Before and After  (3:18)

 5.  Plan J  (3:34)

 6.  The Christian Shuffle (The Holy Dance)  (5:27)

 7.  Two Girls and Two Boys  (5:15)

 8.  Raise Up  (3:40)

 9.  Scream 4 Jesus  (4:11)

10. This is 4 The Streets (Featuring Sparky D)  (4:21)

11. Since I’ve Been Saved  (3:12)

12. Saving Souls (4:33)

13. Kingdom License  (2:39)

14. Sixty Six (The Bible)  (3:50)

15. I’m Coming Back (Featuring Euclid Gray)  (4:18)


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Sound Clips (Living it up)

Turned My Life Around   Jesus Christ
Jesus is Coming   Living it Up
Testify   How to Live Forever



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