A (continued)

A (continued)

AAJ/Smiley Jones Tallahassee FL
A-Attack Records Austin TX
Abacus Records Houston TX 
Abet Music Pasadena CA 
ABF Records Doyleston PA 
Abridged Records Houston TX 
Absolutely Kosher Records SF Cal 
Absolute Records 
Abstract Ritual Records Edmonton AB 
Abstrakt Reality W Hollywood CA 
Academy Records Burbank CA 
Accent Records Belgium 
Accident Prone 
Ace Records London UK
Acetate Records Santa Monica CA 
Acid Jazz UK 
Acorn Music Oakland CA 
Acossi Records Miami FL 
Actionboy Records Chicago IL 
Activ-Analog Records Charlotte NC 
Act Your Age Records Houston TX 
ADD Records Hingham MA 
Aderci Records Monrovia CA 
Ad Music UK 
ADSR Musicwerks 
Aegean London UK 
Afinia Music Antioch TN 
AFM Records Germany 
Aggressive Recordings Ireland
Air International Records Atlanta GA 
Ajax Records Chicago IL 
Albany Records UK 
Albatross Records Houston TX 
Alchemy Records Cohasset MA 
AlgoRhythm Music
Alias Music Richmond VA 
Alien 8 Recordings 
Alien Records Austin TX 
Alive/Total Energy Burbank CA 
Alkamie Records 
Alligator Records 
All The Best Records Cedarhurst NY 
Almo Sounds 
Alphabet City Records New York NY 
Alphabet Records San Diego CA 
Alpha Jerk Records Washington DC 
Altenburgh Jazz 
Alternative Tentacles 
Alternative Urban Records Marietta GA
Alula Records Durham NC 
Ambition Records UK 
American Recordings 
Americus Records Washington DC 
Amnesia Music PA 
Amphetamine Reptile MinneapolisMN  
Amplifire UK 
AMPM London UK 
A & M Records
Anabolik Records Clemmons NC 
Anomalous Records Seattle WA 
Andmoresound Records UK 
Angel Air Records UK 
Angel Records 
Angel Thorne Music Danbury CT 
Aniar Records San Francisco CA 
AntiMI Records San Diego CA 
Arcade Music Group 
Arcturus Records New Jersey 
A & R Records Glendale CA 
Arhoolie Records El Cerrito CA 
Ark 21 Records Sherman Oaks CA 
Arula Records Southbridge MA 
A-Side Records Tokyo Japan 
Asphodel Records California 
Atavistic Worldwide Chicago IL 
Atlanta Music Group Marietta GA
Atlantic Records 
A Turntable Friend Records Germany
Aural Adventures Concord CA 
Autonomy Records UK 




Baba's Recordings Winnipeg Canada
Bahia Music Hungary
Bakery Records Hoboken NJ 
Bang Records Darien CT 
Bent Antenna Records Hollywood CA 
Bent Records Australia 
Black Dahlia Music Los Alamos NM 
Blue Jackel Entertanmnt HuntingtonNY 
Blush Records 
BMG Entertainment New York NY
Bogus Records Pittsburgh PA 
Bristol Records Denver CO 
Butte Records
Campfire Records Texas
Capitol Records Hollywood CA
Chained Duck Records
Chapter III Records 
Chesky Records 
Classified Records 
Clique Records
Cold Spring Records Austin TX 
Columbia Records 
Compass Records Nashville TN 
Crammed Discs Brazil 
Dead Daisy Records 
Decca Classics 
Del-Fi Records 
Delinquent Records Decatur AL 
Desco Records New York NY 
Disgraceland Records Nashville TN 
DiverseCity Records Atlanta GA 
DM Records Pompano Beach FL 
d'Note Records Portland OR
Domo Records Los Angeles CA 
DreamWorks Records 




Echo Lake Records Atlanta GA
E-Lan Records Menlo Park CA
Elegant Discourse 
Elfin Music Company Sarasota FL 
EMI Group 
Enemy Records Brooklyn NY 
Epic Records
Etherean Music Lakewood CO 
Euphoria Chicago Chicago IL 
FaceDown Records Burlington NJ 
Fairwell Records Austin TX 
First Impression Music Winston MA 
Flaming Neck Records Los Angeles CA 
Flying Nun Records New Zealand 
Folkrum Records Dublin Ireland 
Free Union Records 
F2 Entertainment
Gadfly Records Burlington VT
Generation Entertainment Southfld MI 
Geofonica Records Los Angeles CA 
Geographic Records 
Ghost Records Boston MA 
GiuseppeJoe Records Brooklyn NY 
God Records
Goldband Records Lake Charles LA 
Gonzo! Records San Dimas CA 
Gopher Productions Vancouver BC 
Gotham Records 
Gourd Music Felton CA 
Grandma Katherine's Music 
Grand Royal Records 
Great Blue Heron Records 
Greedy Songbird MusicGrandIsland NY 
Green Girl Records San Francisco CA 
Grey Matter Music Ballston Spa NY 
Griffin Music Lombard IL 
Guitar Nine Records Raleigh NC 


H (continued)

H (continued)

HammerHead Records Champaign IL
Hapi Skratch Records Fort Collins CO 
Harbourtown Records 
Harmolodic Records 
Hayden's Ferry Records Tempe AZ 
Headtrap Music San Diego CA 
Hear and Now Records Cedarhurst NY 
Hear Diagonally Records Chicago IL 
Hefty Records
Hendrix Records 
Hey Baby! Records Nashville TN 
Heyday Records 
Hi-Bias Records Maple Ont Canada 
Higher Plane Records Mesa AZ 
High Park Records 
High Sierra Records 
High Strung Productions 
Hi-Test Records Totowa NJ 
Hitman Records San Francisco CA 
Hollywood Records 
Home Grown Music NetwrksSimpsonNC 
Homegrown Records
Home Office Records Brooklyn NY 
Horizon Records San Jose CA 
Hot Records Australia 
Hot Springs Records Saint Paul MN 
Hot Stuff 
HotTrax Records Atlanta GA 
Household Ink Records 
Hudson Valley Records Carmel NY 
Hummer Records 
Hux Records London UK 
Hyperdisc Records Van Nuys CA 




Indian Trail Records Sanger TX
Infernal Racket Records BethlehemPA 
Island Def Jam Records 
Island Records UK 
Jay Records 
J-Bird Records

J4J Music Ministries

Ka Ching Records Covina CA
King Biscuit 




Lacqua Records
Landon Music Com Thompsonville NY 
LandSlide Records Atlanta GA 
Last Call Records 
Lazy SOB Recordings Austin TX 
Lovely Music New York NY 
Lulu Records Brooklyn NY 
MCA Records
Mellow Mood Records Pittsburgh PA 
Mermaid Music Henderson NV 
Moll Tontrager Germany 
MoodFood Records Cary NC 
Multiphase Records 
Nesak International Delray Beach FL
Northcott Productions New York NY 
Nosag Records Sweden 
Novo Records Chicago IL 



P (continued)

Oak Street Music Canada
Observing Andy Records Pensacola FL 
Ochre Records UK 
October Records Minneapolis MN 
OffPlanet Entertainment San Fran CA 
Oglio Records 
Oh Boy Records Nashville TN 
Oid Mortales Records Argentina 
OM Records 
One Little Indian UK 
OO Discs Black Rock CT
Opening Day Rec Burlington ON Can 
Oracle Records Australia 
Over The Top!Records EvergreenPk IL 
Ozmoz Records Hull Quebec Canada 
Ozone Entertainment 
Pacemaker Entertainment 
Palace Records Birmingham AL 
Pallas Records New York NY 
Palmetto Records 
Papa Bear Records Woodstock NY 
Parabola Records Jacksonville FL 
Paradise Records
Parlophone Records UK 
Pavement Music
Peek-a-Boo Industries Austin TX 
Perris Records Cedar Park TX 
Pervertidora Records San Fran CA 
Pinche Flojo Records Houston TX 
Pinch Hit Records Torrance CA 
Piranha Productions San Francisco CA 
Planet Earth Recording Marietta GA 
PlanetPaul Wichita KS 
Plastic Factory Seattle WA 
Plateau Road Records 
Playhouse Records 
Plazma Records Moscow Russia 
Plump Records 
Point Music 
Polydor UK 
Polyholiday Records 
Polyvinyl Record Company Danville IL 
Pool Party Records 
Poplash Records Austin TX 
PopMafia Sausalito CA 
Positron Records Chicago IL 
Pravda Records Chicago IL 
Precious Records Brooklyn NY 
Prema Music Santa Cruz CA 
ProPhayne Records Fountain Valley CA

Q & R

S (continued)

S (continued)

Quiet Storm Records Kaneohe HI
Ray's Music Netherlands
Reinforced Records UK 
Relentless Pursuit Records Ojai CA 
Reload Records 
Resist Records Venice CA 
Resort Records 
Restless Records 
Rhino Records 
Ripete Records Bishopville SC 
Round Flat Records 
Round Tower Music Ireland 
Russian River Records Ukiah CA 
Rykodisc Records 
Salt Lady Records Illinois
Secrets of Society Records SanDiego CA
Seeing Ear Records Australia 
Serotonin Records New York NY 
Sham Records
Shanachie Entertainment Newton NJ 
Shank Records Atlanta GA 
Sheeba Records Toronto ON Canada 
ShelfLife Records Brooklyn NY 
Shiltom Records Berlin Germany 
Shining Star Productions 
Shock Records UK 
ShoeString Records 
Shredder Records Berkeley CA 
Shriek Records Miami Beach FL 
Sideburn Records Berlin Germany 
Signature Sounds Whately MA 
Silent Planet Records Raleigh NC 
Silver Girl Records 
Silverwolf Records Thetford Center VT 
Sirius Music Australia 
Skeptical Cat Recordings 
Skillet Records Memphis TN 
Skunk Records Long Beach CA 
Sliced Bread Records 
Slumberland Records Berkeley CA 
Small Stone Records Detroit MI 
Smithsonian Folkways Washington DC 

Smokehouse Records 
Sonic Records Advance NC 
SonofaBeat Music Glendale CA 
Sony Music 
Southern Records Chicago IL 
Spinout Records Santa Clarita CA
Spiral Wave 
Stone Mountain Entertnmnt ChicagoIL 
Studiomuse Houston TX 
Stunt Records El Cajon CA 
Stupid Gaijin Records Houston TX 
Sub Pop Records 
SugarBone Records 
Sugar Fix Recordings Hollywood CA 
Sugar Free Records Chicago IL 
Sugo Music 
Suicide Squeeze Records Seattle WA 
Summit Records Tempe AZ 
Sun-Scape Records Stamford CT 
Super Cottonmouth Records LA CA 
Supernova Records Arlington VA 
Surfdog Music Encinitas CA 
Surreal Records 
SweetGrass Records Saskatoon Can 
Swerve Records Australia 
Sympathy For Record Industry LngBch 
Synthphony Records Kew Gardens NY 


T (continued)

T (continued)

Tamarin Productions
Tandem Records Montreal Canada 
Tar Hut Records Westminster MA
Taxim Records 
TeenBeat Records Arlington VA 
Teknotika Records Detroit MI 
Temple Records Scotland 
Tender Stone 
Theologian Records 
Third Gear Records Royal Oak MI 
Throwrug Records Chicago IL 
Thunder Bolt Records Marana AZ
Time Bomb Recordings 
Tommy Boy Records 
ToneRecords Los Angeles CA 
ToneZone Records Houston TX 
Tooth & Nail Records 
Tragick Records Seattle WA 
Trailer Records Iowa City IA 
Transatlantic Management Tucson AZ 
Trauma Records Sherman Oaks CA 
Treasure Island Records Ireland 
Tree Records Chicago IL 
Tributary Music Label 
Triloka Records Santa Monica CA 
Triple X Records 
Trip Records 
Troubleman Unlimited
Try Seven Records Pasadena CA 
Tube Alloy San Francisco CA 
Turnipseed Music New Orleans LA 
TVT Records 
Twee Kitten Records WalnurtCreek CA 
Twin Tone Records Minneapolis MN 
Two Homeboys Chillin' New York NY 
Two Tone Cone Records 




Unencumbered Entertnmnt Bethel CT
Universal Music Group 
Uvulittle Records Madison WI 
Varese Sarabande RecrdsStudioCityCA
Veer Music Toronto On Canada 
Vertical Records 
Viola Rekords 
Walt Disney Records 
Wa Nui Records Honolulu HI
Warner Brothers Records 
Warpodisc Newport RI 
Waterbug Records Evanston IL 
What Records Austin TX 
Wild Orchard Records St Louis MO 
WorldMovement Records HollywoodCA 
WorldWide Music 




XDot25 Emeryville CA


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